Some people also find it helpful to use a small dental irrigation syringe to apply lube inside the urethra. Your main source to learn about sounding rods, urethral sounding techniques, and penis sounding advice from experts.

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When applying lube, be sure to cover the sound and it is also helpful to try to get some into the tip of the urethra as well. If you do that, be sure that you are also taking steps to totally sterilize the syringe as well. Urethra stretching starts with finding the right size sounding rod. In reality, you want to start with the largest sounding rod that will fit without causing major discomfort. Bangladeshi University teen hardcore with her guybuddy! Re ready to insert the sound. AIIMS Delhi young student hardcore with senior. Ebony latin girl fucks her pussy till she cums!

If it stops, try twisting gently and it will usually continue on its path and fall more. The next thing you need to do is make sure that you clean your stretching rods properly. Advised to order lube that comes in individual packets so that you can ensure everything is totally sterile. Ll want to start with something no smaller than 6mm in diameter. Keep adding lube to the sound so that every part that is about to enter the penis is fully lubricated. Sexe model Sounding Lake. Common mistake for beginners to believe that starting with a very thin rod will be the best way to begin. If you begin with a rod that is too thin, you increase the risk of perforation. Never force the sound into your cock.

Cincinnati wife lets her husbands friend get off. This strategy reduces your chances of perforation, which is the top risk. Tamil star reshma hot nude on gandikahani. Indian aunty riding lover penis and putting condom by herself. Visit our post on urethral sounding tool cleaning tips to get best practices for ensuring you reduce any risk of infections. The bottle of lube that you keep on your nightstand may not be totally sterile and could cause some risk of infection. Indian teen screwed hardcore by foreigner man. Good idea to first order a complete set of sounding rods, like these sets at The Chain Gang.