She has had teeth extractions done here and they have taken such great care of her. Have a friend who took her dog somewhere else for the same procedure and her dog had a pretty painful recovery. The whole staff has always been wonderfully caring, concerned, and knowledgeable. These are the kind of folk who call and find our how our pets feel after surgery, or are recovering from an illness.

Re lucky, your pet merely runs and hides somewhere nearby. This is the best veterinary hospital! And our high standard of care.

White for several years, thru several cats. She never cried about her stitches. White for her annual check up as well and the wait is never long. To Monrovia area cats and dogs. She has made such a speedy recovery. So that speaks volumes about how well they treated our dog and she had 20 teeth pulled, so it was intense. Many pet owners know the rumble of an approaching summer storm or the loud crack of a nearby fireworks display is all it takes to send a pet spiraling into fear and anxiety. Dr White went above and beyond in educating me about why the procedure needed to be done and her recovery.