If you pay for any plan within the period of 90 days, you will have access to all campaigns and leads from the trial period. Account where pages, leads, and analytics can be kept separate from other workspaces. During the free trial, you can create unlimited landing pages and test the platform before you decide to purchase. We provide these payment methods to give you continuous access to your landing pages during marketing campaigns and avoid account suspension. You can also add as many custom domains and subdomains as needed to your workspace.

Find a plan that suits you? Build unlimited pages, add unlimited users, and get access to our entire template library, all for free. It will not shorten your trial period. HTML and CSS to Landing Lion. That will guide you step by step on how to install and connect Landing Lion to your WordPress site. Ve built every one of our templates from scratch, directly inside our Page Builder. Level clients, but simple and intuitive enough for small business owners who want to create quick landing pages on the fly. How long does the Free plan last? Saving aspect is the biggest benefit.

Can I use Landing Lion to build a website? Can I use Landing Lion with my WordPress site? What happens after the free trial expires? Every 30 days, your view count will reset to zero so you can keep your visitors coming. Main purpose is for quickly creating highly converting landing pages. You can point any page built in Landing Lion to a domain you purchased through any domain provider. You can, however, add smaller pieces of custom code using our Embed component to add Google Maps, videos, tracking pixels, and many other types of dynamic elements.