Rolling River Estates is dedicated to providing you a superb and affordable quality of life. The land has gentle rolling hills, ponds, creek, old growth woods and is a perfect place for your future.

Is located only 30 minutes from McKinney, Texas. This is truly one of a kind residential land for sale. Electricity on the main road, and minimal restrictions.

Tiny Home Community in North Texas. Rencontre black ou metisse Moon River Estates. Ve developed a reputation for great service. Re honest, prompt, helpful, and professional. Tiny Homes are all the rage and for good reason! The monthly payment on any of the undeveloped land and rural property can be more affordable than you might expect. On all of our properties, we offer financing directly through our company. We have worked hard to provide you a beautiful property with water and utilities to create your own dream. As the Tiny Home movement has evolved, owners and builders have become savvier with unique designs for cozy living.

  1. We have the land just for your Tiny Home!
  2. Start your dream now, owner financing available!
  3. Come and enjoy this premiere community with large spaces and beautiful land!