Is the solution for women to take care of their delicate zones and feel good in their own skin. From her experience, Atsuko discovered that most Japanese women lack the proper knowledge of caring and treating their delicate zones. Depth studies in Chinese and Korean medicine, Atsuko led the phytotherapy field in Japan and opened her first le bois treatment salon in 2006.

Intime Organique is the solution for women to understand their bodies and take care of their delicate zones. Entre un grand jardin et un parc, au bout de la rue, ce studio. Take care of your body with Intime Organique products. Di bawah naungan Time International, sebuah organisasi ritel dan pembangun merek jam tangan terkemuka. By using and further navigating this website you accept this. And started doing phytotherapy research to develop original formulas for Intime Organique products. Is an Italian organic certification body with strict criteria in the assessment of cosmetics using organic plant ingredients. Using a fine selection of organic ingredients from Italy, a special formula was created by combining the principles of phytotherapy and Eastern medicine for Intime Organique products. Atsuko Morita, the founder of Intime Organique, is a leading phytotherapist who had many years of experience as a health consultant and lecturer in Japan.

You must agree to our Terms of Service. The email address has already subscribed. In 1989, Atsuko Morita began working as a flight attendant. The same year, she discovered the benefits of herbal therapy and moved to France to study phytotherapy. Yoko Kirishima and a team of French doctors to fight against breast cancer and uterine cancer. Stay tuned for the latest trends and discounts! Your information is safe and will never be shared. Working with gynecologists, we combined their profound knowledge of the female anatomy and our expertise in phytotherapy.

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Kota besar seperti Jakarta, Bandung, Medan, dan Bali. Response takes too long or there is JS error. Care products made from a fine selection of plant ingredients from Europe. However, after suffering from asthma and atopic dermatitis, she left her job in 1992.